Dear ladies,


Your pleasure is my business. I offer a variety of exclusive services for women of valor who knows what she wants. From massages to long or short term relationships, I can do it all and more.

For Jesuits or women who practices drinking semen and would like to keep this private from your partner, confidentiality is also my specialty. Whether it’s providing you with my high quality semen for sustenance, health or fathering your child, rest assured you have found the right man.

For party goers and event planner who would like to meet up and just have one on one fun or with a group of like minded women, private events are things we can arrange.

For ladies who are looking for a long or short term relationships but in confidentiality, this too can be arranged.

No matter where you are located in a civilized country where Americans are at least tolerated, I am willing to travel.

For more details feel free to have a look at my personal website and text or call me for setting arrangements.

Sincerely yours,


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